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Full Version: Banned by Death?
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          I am slash, I was banned on Void Resonance for Advertising. Huh Huh
Yep Thats Right, The reason Death Gaved me was Advertising Tongue 
He says you advertised Bazys server on Void?  Huh :/ 
I said No i Didn't.
He says "yes you did" Undecided
I said I didn't
He says " Stop Lying You did it you were in the channel with someone and you both microphones were muted"
I said "With whome was I in the Channel?" And when was my Microphone disabled"
He says " stop making shit you did it "
So after this he was talking things i didn't even know..Times i wasn't even at Teamspeak.
He was just fake blaming me.
-He Wasn't stopping at all and telling me that i was advertising...? I told him Shut the fuck up,I don't give a shit about you"
He says OK? You don't give a shit about Void? Now get banned
I said If you ban me you are gonna pay for it
he says fuck off paki
And banned me 
In the end i'm gonna tell you all I haven't advertised the server to people :/ Take Action against this asshole he has made me really angry like shit... banned me like a shit :/ take action  
<21:02:31> You were banned for 4 hours from the server by "DΞΛTH"