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Full Version: Staff Solution: The Void Resonance Resurgence
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As a biast opinion on DEATH I feel that he doesn't do much with his staff powers so it would not make a huge diffrence for him to lose them. I have personally witnessed him wrongfully using his staff abilitys and I've personally told him when he does this. All I had to do was calmly talk to him in a private manner and typically he undid his action or corrected it. I do agree with Oppforce that this is up to Craig, as it is his assistant.
WHILE STATING THIS, I also want it stated that certain people intentionally push DEATH to piss him off, such as golden, wheatboy, cloud, and sinner. (There could be others but iv seen these four do it) It is not fair to make complaints about someones actions and emotional state, when you are the person pushing them to the point that causes these actions and emotions. (I like you all but if any of you say I'm lieing then you need to look at yourself in the mirror because you are clearly lieing to yourself)
You are all staff/ex-staff, you need to act the role of staff and stop acting like children, going around yelling at each other and bringing up past stuff then getting upset when someone trys to defend themselves. (This stands for everyone in the server but especially you all since you're staff and DEATH has been a magor target of this as of late)
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