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Full Version: CJ Re-enstatement.
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I have been demoted by: Missy/Craig
I have been demoted for the following reason: I Shared missy's video where she was playing with her dog's penis.
I think i should have the rank back because: I think I'm active most of the time, I was mod anyway, I can talk bare languages so I can help people from different countries.
I Would imrpoove on the following (incase you did something wrong): I wont share videos of people and I will stop trolling n that.

Peace. Big Grin
+REP sickening how amazing he is at being a moderator.
+1 for being single.
-3 for being a hoe.
+2 for being being bare peng & bare mad ADC.

= Leaving us with a total of +1

+1 he is a good guy he deserves his mod back