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TeamSpeak Rules & Guidelines

By using the Void Resonance TeamSpeak server you understand and agree to the following terms. If you do not agree you MUST disconnect from our TeamSpeak server.
 Changes may be made to these terms without notice and it is your responsibility to keep up to date with our most current terms.
Void Resonance, under no circumstances shall be held responsible for any type of damages that may occur to you or your devices whilst connected to the TeamSpeak server. 
 It is your responsibility to ensure you have the relevant security protection for your device, Void Resonance offers no protection or security for such devices.
Void Resonance may store any of the following information that your client naturally sends to our TeamSpeak server.
- IP addresses.
- Username(s).
- Images uploaded by your client.
- Your client's Unique TeamSpeak Client Identification (UID).
- Your device type used to connect (Computer, Smart Phone, Tablet etc).
- Your TeamSpeak client version.
- Channels that you have joined and the time stamp of when you joined.

Spamming and/or mass messaging, poking and voice communicating about other TeamSpeak servers is forbidden.

Any type of link, wherever it is hyperlinked or not; Advertisements to any other TeamSpeak servers shall be your sole decision with what you choose to do with it.
 Void Resonance shall not be held responsible for anything that may outcome by using such links
You, Staff Members and other clients within our server are freely allowed to use the built-in tools which include;
- Muting other clients locally.
- The buddy system to add as friend/block.
- Poking (Member and higher status).
- Creating a temporary channel.

Any type of voice recording is forbidden unless in a private, locked channel of which you MUST inform every client within such channel that you plan to record BEFORE you begin recording.
 You may record in public music channels however you must inform other clients BEFORE you begin record.
  Void Resonance strictly forbids for any type of recording to be uploaded to third party websites and/or given out to other clients if the recording contains any confidential or malicious material.
Any form of punishment(s), you may appeal to. You are required elevate such matter in a formal manner to Void Resonance Staff Member(s) whom issued such punishment(s).
 You will be required to communicate with them directly and may be required to post a topic of appeal on our forums.
  Any type of evidence, legitimate or not shall be considered to be invalid if the client has publicly posted such articles outside of our services. 
   If there is no detailed reason to why a punishment, such as a tier has been issued then you may appeal directly to any Admin or above.

You shall be entitled to discuss with, when suitable, a Void Resonance Adviser before showing any evidence.
 The Owners of Void Resonance reserve the right to remove, alter and/or discuss such punishments of clients both privately and publicly within our service and may decide on final judgement(s). 
  Void Resonance Owners also have their right to the following and can do so without any given notice or reason;
- Promote a Client.
- Demote a Client.
- Alter/Remove Channels.
- Alter/Remove Server Groups/Ranks.
- Alter/Remove Channel Groups/Ranks.
If a Client or Staff Member is experiencing distress caused by another client, We ask that you try to settle the matter in a mature manner yourselves before considering the need for a punishment. 
Void Resonance encourages you to use TeamSpeak's functions to mute locally and/or block such client. 
Use common sense where applicable!

Void Resonance and its Staff Members shall not be held liable for any stress or duress caused by other clients within our TeamSpeak server, You agree to use our services at your own risk.
Last Revised 25/01/2017
Last Changes 25/01/2017

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