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Kermit ban Appeal - K3TTL3

Name at time of ban - K3TTL3

I was banned from the server due to some disagreement between me and kermit on the public discord. Where he said "MFW ginger nut trying to get laid by a slut failed". With everyone knowing that i am close friends with Admin Rose and that i recently took a trip to see her i took this attack personally. When he said this i thought it was aimed towards her and went on the full defensive and defend my friend from being attack online for no reason. Craig tried to explain something to me about the post, but he was drinking at the time and i didn't take him seriously. This lead to me losing my cool at him and making crude remarks about being a pedophile.  

I think i should be unbanned because it was the first time i've actually lost the plot at someone. I feel that i should be given the chance to revoke my claim towards Craig and try and move over this. It was an incredibly immature thing for me to do and i'm sorry for causing any harm.

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Kermit ban Appeal - K3TTL3 - by K3TTL3 | dA qUeEn - 07-26-2017, 06:52 PM

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