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abusive staff

I am posting on behalf of another client user, this person was grossly miss treated, him and his family were mocked in an abhorrent manner, and the perpetrators were given free rain to do so.

The perpetrators are DR. Murdoch and Murdoch Murdoch, both went out of there way to find information on the user and publicly posted a picture of him and his child (whom is under the age of 5 spreading a picture of a child under this age is against the law under the child protection act of 1989), and then stating that both have cancer. When a staff member is stating that someone and their child has a terminal illness for a joke, it is sick and they should be removed from the staff team. 

Point Of Evidence, <22:30:34> "Murdoch Murdoch": whatever it does      Mark=DR. Murdoch
<22:30:41> "Murdoch Murdoch": you're tragically wasting your time
<22:30:44> "Murdoch Murdoch": photo of you
<22:30:46> "Murdoch Murdoch": is nothing to do with me
<22:30:50> "Murdoch Murdoch": you got the wrong guy
<22:30:54> "Murdoch Murdoch": i dont know who did it
<22:30:58> "Murdoch Murdoch": i know mark had it b4

This message was sent from Murdoch Murdoch to the user, clearly stating that they had the picture and were openly admitting that they were going to spread it. Both of these horid people were supported by staff members, these staff members clearly took sides and cared not for the user. and cared more for popularity than what was right or wrong. it is with this that I publicly join the users side and demand that a remediation. AS THIS IS BEING TYPED THEY ARE BANNING PEOPLE SUPPORTING THE USER. This is a clear attempt to silence those whom are against those two and their regime.

A third staff member leodahs, had gone out of his way to find an underage girls facebook, message her mother and brother, and then doxed missy and her sisters instagram,, leaking privet information about missy and her sister. The facebook incident was caused by a separate user talking to this underage girl, this user was the user banned as this was being typed.

signed, Davei

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