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A reliable poll regarding current situation.

Some people have worked their way to a higher rank on the server, possibly in a good way possibly in a bad way.
However people with a high rank should not be able to dictate their rules that clearly are NOT the server rules. i know the server rules by heart and i've seen the offending person betray multiple rules.

This is what I have Always done I highly disagree with the idea that people in power should be out of touch. all people must be able to called to responsability for their actions.

As i've seen and haerd and noticed it isn't only the rules being broken but also the fact that basicly the entire staff team is against them. since words do not count please put down you're vote and comment towards "oppforce"

thank you in advance.

Members should also feel free to put their comments but the once of the staff are a bit more important.

When you submit your'e opinion and facts etc etc make sure to write either: Demote oppforce, or do not demote oppforce at the end.

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A reliable poll regarding current situation. - by [VRS]ElWildNielser - 05-18-2017, 11:00 PM

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