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A reliable poll regarding current situation.

When I joined this server in November with a group of 7 players, we had a blast. The only issue we had was Oppforce, he would ban us constantly for swearing making jokes even though it was just us in the channel and no one complained. We reported it time and time again but the owners at the time did not listen. Until Kivana and rinnie witnessed it and removed him.

He was not suited then and is not suited now. Everyone knows the situation so there is no need to go into detail. Someone who enforces a set of rules that are made up in his narrow minded brain is not suited for any staff rank, never mind the highest that can be given to a client.

Oppforce has threatened players in their own locked private channels for asking him to leave. I speak for every single staff member except s1nner and D3ATH when I say we do not support him and we are embarrassed to say he is our superior. Nor do we view him as our "dictator" as he has called himself.

He shouldn't of been brought back, remove him.

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RE: A reliable poll regarding current situation. - by [VRS][HS] Scorpia ツ - 05-18-2017, 11:06 PM

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