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Veteran Channels.


It's been a few weeks since Craig introduced the Veteran Channels into the server and started giving them out to all the veterans. Within the day of it being introduced, the entire staff team at that time were against it and expressed concerns to Craig over the negative impact it could have on the server. A deal was made that it would be given a week trial and small meeting would take place to see if it was worth keeping or not, that meeting never took place.

So Craig directed that it be taken to a thread rather than done in TS. So please state opinions to keep or remove the channels and give it careful thought.

My opinion:

The Veteran Channels were pointless from the beginning. While it may seem like a good idea to "give to the loyal" the rank veteran member is held by 100s of players, and recently the rank has been given out to people who have been here for a few months. Rather than the few years other veterans have been here.

The idea that players can talk in a private channel is not at all new, infact you have the clan channels which serve the exact same purpose. So what is the actual need for veteran channels? There is none. Players do not need "Offices" or places where they can go AFK. 

In fact, only up until recently only three channels have been used effectively. Dex's Army, The Murdoch HQ and Missy's DOJO have had 5 or so players during peak hours. These channels can very easily be moved to the clan section as that is what they are, clans. 

4-5 months ago all the channel dedicated to individual games were removed and replaced with a small amount game rooms. With the goal of condensing the channels so the current public playerbase could seem more active and therefore welcoming to new players. These channels have gone completely against that and has resulted in the majority of the active playerbase being put into locked private channels. This has shown to be completely negative to bringing in new players, with many of them leaving the TS shortly after being online.

TL;DR The VetChannels make the TS look unnecessarily bigger, makes the playerbase look scarce by throwing them all over the place and ultimately results in VRS losing the idea of being a community where people meet and make friends, instead the majority of the "community" are divided into locked channels. Remove the vet channels, players do not need offices to go AFK, instead transfer the active ones to Clan channels.


PS: keep the actual active veteran channels LIKE MINE and get rid of the ones which have no people in them ever

I don't care if theres a veteran area or not. I just want my channel

I agree, this section should be permanently removed. I never liked it in the first place..

Nothing to say your channel can't be moved to the top of the clan channels if it's used actively, Maniac.

EDIT: Missy agrees but is too lazy to post.

#[Image: 7b9b11dadddc285d5f2f74e09c737049.png]

(05-23-2017, 09:05 PM)[HS] Scorpia ツ Wrote: Nothing to say your channel can't be moved to the top of the clan channels if it's used actively, Maniac.

Well okay that's fair. I kinda like my channel having a bit of "publicity" being at the top. If there's an alternative for private channels being not at the entire bottom of teamspeak I would like that. The reason for this is so people can easily see it and join, which is enjoyable my opinion. The removal of the entire veteran channel group leaves only the admin channels to remain, which means all of the private channels will be sort of "hidden" at the bottom. pls no Sad

I don't see the point in having the Veteran channels. And what was mention with "The VetChannels make the TS look unnecessarily bigger" is very much so true. The active channels should just be made into clan channels instead, in my opinion.

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