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[Accepted] Mod

Your username: 21.

Age: 16

Have you ever been banned from from the server? If so, why? I have been in the past but haven't been banned in 3-4 months

How long have you been part of the Void Resonance community? 1-2 years

Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words)
I think this place as my second home because i know alot of people in this teamspeak Void is where i come
to chill and talk to friends and meet new friends and i do help some people to
I  would be a good staff member because i like to talk to people and help other people.

Link to your steam profile; [b][/b]

Tell us a bit about yourself? Hobbies, personality etc.

Fashion Design

Go Karting

Computer Gaming



I would like to know what you were banned for in the past.
You also did not fulfill all the requirements, 57 words. (100-300 words).

You come off as rather offensive, I've heard complaints about you in the past etc.
I also personally don't think we are in need of anymore people on the staff team.

+1 open as a homosexual i respect that

Greetings 21.

You have been promoted to trial mod for 1 week. Under one week, i expect you to be good, respect other moderators and your fellow staff members, if not your staff rank will be removed.

Regards Oppforce zie Barbie Dall
(Owners Asist.)

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