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The staff list above is an accurate live version of current staff for Void Resonance

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Non-Profit Gaming Network

We are a UK based Non-Profit gaming Network aimed towards GarrysMod.

At VRS we have our own private game servers hosted amongst many different games.

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Action Packed TeamSpeak Server

Our well-known TeamSpeak 3 Server is one of the most lively out there.

We have a world-wide client base covering every continent.

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Steam Group

Our ever-growing Steam Group is where we make announcements about upcoming events or major server changes.

Make sure you join us to keep upto date with our latest news!

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Twitch Channel

Be sure to check out our very own TwitchTV Channel.

We host live gaming content and special events every now and then in HD.

As an bonus those with a MyTeamSpeak account gets a Server Group reward when following us.

Twitch Channel

Facebook Page

Be certain to check out our Facebook page

By giving it a like you'll not only stay in the current status but you would be supporting our Network.

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Discord Community

We also have a high growing public Discord server with custom bots and a categorised NSFW section.

So be certain to check it out as there are loads of roles that we have to offer within the Discord server.

Discord Server

GitHub Contributions

Most of our modified gamemodes are hosted publicly on GitHub.

Zombie Survival Redemption (a Garry's Mod gamemode) is our current most up-to-date project alongside D3Bots (which is for Zombie Survival on Garry's Mod)

GitHub Repositories

YouTube Highlights

We are currently working, coding and testing system for the Void Resonance YouTube channel. Subscribe and stay tuned!

YouTube Channel

Twitter Notifications

Be sure to follow us on Twitter to get notified via tweets about upcoming special events, content updates and system changes.

Twitter Page

DJ James Jay

Want to listen to high quality remixes ever to be made? DJ James Jay is known to produce top notch tracks on his Soundcloud and on DJ City

DJ James Jay


Our dedicated server box is hosted with Nitrous-Networks as they offer the best pricing, DDoS protection, premium connectivity and easy management. So check them out



The founder and owner of Void Resonance whom is still very much active on the TeamSpeak and even on the game servers being hosted. The button below will lead to his website (which is more of a meme)